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DIY Garage Locker

First off, it has been so long since I started the blog and made a post. Truth is, I wrote a post awhile back and lost it due to connection issues and it was too much to rewrite. I wish the post had saved because it was a good read and I was very proud of it. Anyways, it feels good to be able to sit down today and write up a blog post.

The last couple months have been so different for everyone and dealing with the Coronavirus. Zach and I have been so busy, as we work in the emergency room, however due to some circumstances we have been off of work for 2 weeks in quarantine. Before y'all freak out we feel fine and do not have COVID-19 (thankfully). In our last 2 weeks there hasn't been much to do with Florida still being closed, but of course I can't just sit and do nothing. So what else is there to do besides complete projects that we've wanted to do. I've been thinking and brainstorming ways to create some organization to our garage. If you have seen out garage you know what I mean...dirt bikes, motocross gear, tools etc... you name it. Our garage needed a little more "me" to it. I've been wanting a way to create some organization to the endless gear collection that just keeps growing. Zach and I (mostly me) decided to create some garage "lockers" for our gear. What better way to organize and keep it all in one place?! We loved and are proud of this project because we were able to customize it to how we wanted.

Before I go into too much detail; here is our completed project.


If this doesn't describe our relationship perfectly, I don't know what will. Home Decor + Dirt Bikes... sounds about right. This completed project cost us around $100 and could cost less if you have the supplies laying around the house.

Supply List:

  • Old bookshelves or entertainment center

  • Interior Latex Paint (we went with pure white)

  • Paint Brushes/rollers

  • Closet Rod (we bought one wooden rod at Home Depot and made cuts to fit)

  • Closet Rod brackets/hardware

  • Battery LED lights

  • Baskets for storage

  • Nails/Screws/L-brackets

  • Saw/Screwdriver/Drill

  • Crown Moulding (optional)


To start we found these to old bookshelves on the side of the road, so they were free to us. There are tons of free old entertainment centers and bookshelves! They were definitely not that pretty when we found them but it's a miracle what bleach and some elbow grease will do.

We started by bleaching the pre-existing white (actually they were kid of yellow..yuck) bookshelves, removed the back of the shelving unit, and did a final Simple Green clean to the outside because you can never over clean! We then decided what layout would work best and moved the shelves to the heights we wanted them to place different things on. We decided to paint them white to match the existing garage wall color and make it easy. Most people have some plain white interior paint laying around. We bought a gallon of paint from a local bargain discount store for around $7 and bought some new rollers and brushes because they had some as well.

After the paint dried we placed the bookshelves where we wanted on the wall and secured them to the wall using drywall screws and L-Brackets we had laying around. Once the shelving unit was where we wanted we measured for the closet rod and secured the hardware and rod. We wanted black hardware and wanted to spray paint the existing chrome rod holders. We had black gloss spray paint laying around so this was cost free. After the rods were secure we used a closet shelf to connect the two units at the top for extra storage above and created a clean and decorative line with extra crown moulding we had laying around in the attic. I wanted it to look like it was a built in and this was an easy and free way to achieve the look I was going for.

Lastly, we placed the battery LED touch lights where we wanted (which of course is optional but hey it looked pretty fancy so why not), and placed hooks in the middle for extra bag and backpack storage. I had an extra shoe rack lying around that ended up fitting perfectly in between the units and now we will have extra shoe space! We hung up all our gear, put it all in the baskets and viola! We loved the completed look and it cost us almost nothing to achieve what we wanted. Eventually we will run the UGLY cord in the middle of the unit elsewhere; unfortunately it is the cord to our garage fridge and we need to leave it there for now. Y'all know me and clean lines... It will HAVE to go eventually but it works for the time being.

These custom garage shelves/lockers are perfect for any kind of storage and could be customized to fit anything! This whole project took us an afternoon to do and we love how it turned out and finally we have one place for all our gear!

Now i'm wondering what other projects we can do while out... Zach will hate me and my projects by the time we are done with our quarantine but God Bless that man...he would do anything and everything for me.


We would love to see y'alls completed project if you decide to get creative with your garage storage! Let us know if you have questions and comment below to show us your completed project!!

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