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The Perfect ‘Summer Drink’

I finally had some time sitting in the truck driving back home to share my favorite Summer Drink, and I’m honestly surprised I have not shared this yet!

Zach and I are on our way back home after our staycation. Finally we had some scheduled time off work and we were supposed to be in Colorado all weekend, but unfortunately due to Coronavirus our plans got cancelled. We took advantage of our time off and decided to book a staycation here in Florida. We drove up and spent the weekend in Amelia Island, FL. It was so nice to get away and spend some time together. We spent a day at the beach which leads me to finally sharing this blog post...

Since we were close enough to drive up we packed the truck and a cooler and hit the road! Being able to pack what you want for the beach is such a nice luxury! I made sure to pack all the ingredients for my favorite drink.

Think about the nostalgic classic taste of a Shirley Temple...with alcohol, hence the name

of my new go-to drink for summertime!

Let me know below if you try this drink, and be sure to leave a comment of your favorite drink combinations! I would love to try them all! I hope y’all are hanging in there and are able to take some time away from the craziness to enjoy yourself and your families!


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